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“Greg Ladd, founder of Cross Gate Gallery in Lexington, Ky., spends a great deal of time cultivating artists who he believes should apply their considerable skills to creating sporting art.  Because Ladd’s gallery is located in Kentucky horse country, he favors images of Thoroughbreds and racing, although he also displays other examples of the sporting art genre, including scenes of hunting and fishing.  He carries relevant 19th – and 20th- century paintings and sculptures, but many of his offerings are contemporary pieces created by artists who had painted few Thoroughbreds before meeting Ladd.  During much of the gallery’s 30 years of existence, Ladd has invited artists to stay at an apartment near the Lexington gallery so that they can observe horse auctions, races and farms.” The Robb Report

Cross Gate Gallery is one of the premiere ‘Sporting Art’ galleries in the world. Dealing primarily in Equine related  ‘Sporting Art’ our inventory spans the 19th/20th Century showing work by such artists as Sir Alfred Munnings, Henry Stull, John Skeaping and Edward Troye, to their contemporary counterparts, Andre Pater, Peter Howell, Larry Wheeler, Sandra Oppegard, Valery Hinz and many more. We are located in the Thoroughbred capital of the world and we pride ourselves in having a tremendous selection of quality paintings and sculpture, which would appeal to all art enthusiasts. Cross Gate Gallery is known for its consistent quality and unmatched knowledgebase in the ‘Sporting Art’ community.

Cross Gate Gallery has been amongst the frontrunners in the sporting market for years, and in our travels in search of quality work we fortuitously came in contact with a group of contemporary British non-sporting ‘figurative’ painters. We are pleased to be associated with the New English Art Club and all of its fine painters such as Thomas Coates, Benjamin Sullivan, Peter Brown and the late John Ward. We have made remarkable strides in gaining exposure for contemporary British painters and this has allowed us to grow our clientele and expand our market. The Federation of British Artists has a wealth of quality painters that we are honored to exhibit for our American clientele on a regular basis.

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The Sporting Art Auction

November 21, 2016

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