David Hagerbaumer

(American, 1921-2014)

Born in 1921, Hagerbaumer grew up during the Great Depression. At age eight, he began duck hunting and trapping to help provide for his family. Surviving the Great Depression, Hagerbaumer also lived through the second World War; enlisting after the news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor was released. After his 4 years of service, Hagerbaumer opened a business making decoys with his brother. The business was never very lucrative, ultimately going out of business. Later in life, Hagerbaumer was called back into active service, luck on his side allowing him to spend his tour painting propaganda posters and making maps. After his tour ended, a civilian once again, Hagerbaumer joined the outdoor art mart scene selling his art on the weekends. His reputation was only ever local until several of his pieces were included in different sporting art publications. This allowed his art to reach sporting art collectors, his artwork finally garnering national acclaim.

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