Harlan Hubbard

(American, 1900-1988)

His art largely pastoral, utilizing oils, watercolors, and woodblock printing, Hubbard was known regionally as a Midwest landscape artist. Hubbard enjoyed painting not just with the typical supplies but also with tin, slate, and just about any other flat surface he was given or could scavenge along the river. Hubbard was said to be “funny” about selling his work, not selling too many pieces to just one person, noted as wanting a lot of people to have and appreciate his work. When Hubbard did sell a piece, his prices were relatively low or sometimes, free. Many people appreciated Hubbard’s work, something he struggled with; friends and family telling those interested that Hubbard gave many of his pieces away because he did not think they were any good. It is clear that Hubbard was wrong, his work hanging in many museums and homes to be admired.

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