Nicola Marschall

(American-German, 1829-1917)

orn in 1829 in the village of St. Wendel, Prussia, Marschall displayed an early artistic inclination. Arriving in the United States at 1849 at the age of 20, Marschall initially made headway in New Orleans before settling in Marion, Alabama. In Marion, the artist set up a studio, painting portraits and providing both artistic and musical instruction before joining the faculty of the Marion Female Institute. After spending the next six years developing his reputation as portrait painter, Marschall returned to Europe to further his education, first at the Dusseldorf Academy, then subsequently in France and Italy. In 1859 the artist returned to Marion and reopened his studio. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Marschall received a prestigious commission to design a flag for the Confederacy and was also responsible for the design of the Confederate uniform. Once the South had accepted defeat at the hands of the Union Army, the artist moved his studio to Louisville, Kentucky, per the recommendation of his contemporaries. He spent the remainder of his life painting influential sitters throughout the commonwealth

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