2020 Fine Sporting Art, American Paintings, and Sculpture

153| Sir Alfred J. Munnings (British, 1878-1959)

After A Double Sherry



Pen & Ink on paper, " x "

$2000. - $3000.


This drawing comes from a copy of the Sir Alfred J. Munnings biography The Finish, inscribed to British literary critic Ivor Brown. Brown, like Munnings, was an open critic of modernism, making quite a show of his unwillingness to follow the fashionable literary and cultural trends of the time. Some of his best writings were beautifully crafted and often hilarious polemics on modern poetry, music, and manners. He was particularly scathing when addressing T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound. ?With much pleasure, and knowing he won?t read it, I inscribe this copy to Ivor Brown, (See page 91 of this book) who was not allowed by his editor to review Volume 2 ? The Second Burst ? in the hope that he might be given the job this time. Anyhow, I trust that he will find near the end a reference to that review by one gosling. (See page 305)? Signed Alfred Munnings, the ethenaeum. October 23, 1952 Munnings underlined the following passage on page 91: ?Ivor Brown, with his English name ? a sane Englishman if ever there was one.?

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