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29| Edward Troye (Swiss/American, 1808-1874)

Cattle In A Landscape

Signed & dated 1848

Oil on canvas, 22" x 30"

$35000. - $45000.

Signed & dated 1848

Following Troye?s marriage in 1839 and the subsequent birth of his daughter, he traveled less frequently the ensuing 10 years until he accepted a professorship at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama, in September 1849. While perhaps best known for his horse images, Troye was also in demand for his cattle paintings by the noted Kentucky farmers of his day. Enlisted at the end of the 1830s to produce images of 14 cows and 10 bulls for The Kentucky Stock Book, he also did cattle pieces for George Sanders and Keene Richards among other Kentuckians. A group painting of cattle for Richard Pindell of Lexington in 1844 followed, and by 1854 Troye painted no less than five cattle pieces for R. A. Alexander of Woodburn Farm. Stylistically this work exhibits the traits of his paintings during this earlier period in Kentucky. One notable example of this is the amount of foliage Troye included, as opposed to the sparser landscapes that appear in many of his later works. Two notable examples of this are his painting of A. B. Offutt of Georgetown, Kentucky?s shorthorn bull ?Kirkpatrick,? illustrated on page 91 of Alexander MacKay-Smith?s The Racehorses of America, and a painting of Richard Pindell?s ?Mares and Foals,? illustrated on page 138 of the same book.

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