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89| Simon Erland (British, b. 1961)


Signed & inscribed under base, A/P Edition of 1

Bronze, 12" x 15.5"

$7000. - $9000.

Signed & inscribed under base, A/P Edition of 1

As a devoted corridor des toros in San Fermin for about 35 years starting in the 1960s, Simon Erland has run virtually every encierro (running of the bulls) and cannot recall ever missing a miurado in those years. The Miura, a line of toro de Lidia, derives from five historic lines of Spanish bull. Bred at the Ganader?a Miura in Andalucia, the Miura enjoyed an extraordinary reputation during the glory years of the 1970s and ?80s. While Estopeno may not have been the bravest or best Miura Erland had ever seen, he was the most beautiful. As a recognized corridor, Erland gained admission to the corrales del Gas, where he first encountered Estopeno, to study the animals in the evening while the public partook in the more bacchanalian traditions of San Fermin. Returning later for the ecierrillo, where the bulls are removed from their pens and then brought up on foot to Santo Domingo the night before the running, Erland prepared for his closest encounter with the bull ? the encierro itself. The stage had been set for the impact of the Miuras the year before, with a member of the line winning the Trofeo Feria del Toro. Estopeno and his brothers did not disappoint ? taking 24 awards in total. Estopeno was fifth in the order de lidia. Upon entry the crowd rose to its feet giving prolonged applause, rare even during San Fermin. Paco Ruiz Miguel was his challenger. He showed the qualities of a true toro bravo with long and repeated charge. Ruiz Miguel delivered the kill upon the fourth attempt. When the sword finally went in, Estopeno went to the medios for a heroic death. This bronze is one of three maquettes made for a life-size commission of Estopeno. The other casts are in the Miura brothers? collection.

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