Steeplechasing Conversations (pair)

15| George Finch Mason

Steeplechasing Conversations (pair)


Signed, Inscribed

Watercolor/Gouache, 10" x 14"

$1,000 - $2,000

Signed, Inscribed

Piece 1 Winter.
Owner of Steeplechaser.
Comforting: "Yes, it certainly does strike a bit chilly. Never mind dear boy, you'll soon be as warm as toast, for the old nag on a day like this pulls like a steam engine! Sandow himself couldn't hold him!"

Piece 2
1st Steeplechase Jockey "What's the game today, Bill? Fall off or bolt out of the course?"
2nd Steeplechase Jockey "What d'yer mean?"
1st Steeplechase Jockey "Why I see he don't mean to be stopped as usual."

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