Dede Gold

(Irish, b. 1971)

Dede Gold, born 1971, grew up in Ireland and graduated in law from Trinity College, Dublin in 1993. Having practiced as a solicitor in Dublin and London and spent some years in the flat racing world of Newmarket, she decided in a life’s-too-short moment to follow her heart and devote her life to art.

Her two solo London exhibitions – one of charcoal sketches and bronze sculpture in 2008 and the second in oils from her Rogues Gallery in November 2012 – were an exciting success. The latter brought to St James’ a celebration of general canine characters and the culmination of 3 years of happy encounters in the fields and kennels of Ireland and her local surrounds.

Dede learned her skills at Lavender Hill Studios in London and has pushed her own education forward through acute observation and four-legged “inspiration”. Her work captures the essence and soul of her subjects and the fugitive expressions of those winning characters she meets on the streets of London, New York, or the hunt kennels of Ireland. Indeed her muses tend to be “dogs from the hood” rather than aristocratic pedigrees and posh pooches; although they do capture her interest in their own right, it is purely an expression of her personal humor rather than a rendering of formal portraiture.
It’s the look, the attitude, and engagement that interests her, not the outer and obvious beauty itself. Cameo cattle and cockerels also feature in her work from the fields and farmlands back home.


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